About Us

by anna


Anti Diet Riot Club hosts events and meet-ups, in London and the UK, that connect people struggling with diet-cycling,

poor body image, and disordered eating. We aim to spread the message of body acceptance, radical self-love and fatpositivity. We create safe spaces for people trying to fight back against diet culture, and are one of several groups trying to bring body positivity into the physical world.

Want to know why we are so anti-diet? Find out here.

More specifically…

All our workshops, speaker events & classes aim to explore and educate people about the effect dieting has on your

mental/physical wellbeing, about concepts like Intuitive Eating and mindful movement, about how to let go of

the obsession with thinness, and learn to embrace their bodies as they are!

From creative workshops, to intimate discussions, markets, yoga classes, panel debates, belly-love and weird boob-printingsessions… we’re exploring all the ways in which we can shape and change the way we relate to our b


The nitty gritty…

ADRC was started in December 2017 by Founder Becky Young, in preparation for January (what we like to call ‘National Diet Month’) just around the corner. It soon became a resident of Superculture, an arts and culture collective running accessible and inspiring exhibitions events and talks in London.

The launch event was a speaker event with Megan Crabbe, called ‘Being Body Powerful with Bodyposipanda’ at The Book Club in Shoreditch. It was a sold out event with almost 100 people there, an incredible community vibe and utterly emotional, honest sharing session afterwards. The event was covered in The Metro, The Guardian and Grazia, which was the start of an amazing journey for ADRC.

Thank you to Fast Labels for sponsoring us and printing all the amazing stickers with our logo on it!