Our Manifesto

by anna

Our Aims:

The idea of the ADRC is to build a rebellious-spirited community dedicated to fighting back against ‘Diet Culture’ and the dangerous body ideals and standards of beauty that surround it. We believe that empowering people to love themselves is not just a cheesy Instagram post or brand slogan, it’s a small but powerful resistance against a society that profits billions of $$ from our self-loathing. We believe that diet culture negatively affects our mental, physical and emotional worlds by telling us that we are not good or worthy enough unless we are trying to lose weight/be more muscly/eat less/sweat more at all times. We strongly believe that there IS an alternative way to live free from some of these pressures and dangerously unattainable ideals.

There is a whole world of ‘wellness’ out there, but what is actually useful and can help us live, eat and move in a way that is good for our physical AND mental wellbeing?

To help answer these questions we aim to host monthly events where we can all delve deeper into the body positive movement. Our events will promote and explore concepts like body acceptance, fat activism, intuitive eating and radical self-love. They will give a platform to the many campaigners, scientists, writers and artists that are themselves fighting for these concepts. They will sometimes be informative, sometimes creative, often practical, and we hope always fun! Overall our mission is to give people practical tools, not just inspiring statements, that means they walk away with a better understanding of how to hopefully live a more intuitive, diet free, self-accepting life.

Who is it for?

The club is for people of all ages, genders, sexualities, races and body types. It’s for human beings who want to be free of the constant pressure to lose weight, build muscle, drop dress sizes, count calories, weigh food, and spend hours at the gym daily. It’s for those who want to learn to move their body enjoyably and eat intuitively rather than restrictively. For people who want to stop waiting to be happy with themselves until they’ve reached a certain goal.