Our Workshops

by Becky Amoi Young

We can bring a range of engaging and adaptable workshops to your event or festival, with the ability to cater to groups from 5 – 25 people on average.

In all our workshops, we aim to create spaces that promote body confidence, self-acceptance, increased togetherness and mindset shifts around beauty standards. We want your event-goers to leave our workshops feeling ready to go on being their awesome authentic selves with confidence!

They are a safe space for people to discover new ways to think about their bodies through listening, creating and playing.

‘Get It Off Yer Chest’ Boob Printing

Too shy for the fully glitter boob about town? Then this cheeky workshop is for you. Feeling like your boobs are too small, too big, wonky, too saggy, non-existent, all nipple, no nipple? ‘NO WAY!’, we say. Come and learn how to embrace your lovely lady lumps just as they are by PRINTING THEM!

This activity is a cheeky celebration of body diversity and a fun festival inspired workshop to increase body-acceptance.


Body Positive Life Drawing

Dare to be different!

This class is all about challenging the status quo and exploring how life drawing can promote positive body image in drawers & models alike.

We bring interesting, diverse models & open up the floor to volunteers who may want to try the empowering experience of life modelling for the first time!

Participants play with collage, paint and drawing in an inclusive & relaxed space. Through self-reflection & sharing this workshop will also invite guests to think actively about perceptions of our own bodies before and after we draw.

FuckSize Modelling™

Who says modelling is just for the tall, slim, and conventionally beautiful amongst us? We want to reclaim the act of posing for the camera…and bring it to everyone, no matter what size or shape!

With an experienced photographer, empowering music, fun props & LOTS OF GLITTER we create a safe & POSITIVE environment for people to embrace their inner supermodel! With an emphasis on natural poses & embracing rather than covering any perceived “imperfections”…we’ll show you how there’s no such thing as flaws! This serves as a truly special memento from the festival.

Models have the choice to strip down to their underwear or not, bearing in mind all photos will be uploaded to a private group dropbox link after the festival.

Gratitude Parties

For those who aren’t ready yet to downward dog or paddle board. The perfect hangover cure – and all bodies welcome!

Some people love a morning stretch, some will want to get up and at ‘em! But physical activities are not for everyone, especially those who are a little bit shy or self conscious.

Did you know scientists have PROVEN that expressing gratitude makes you happier & healthier – but not everyone knows it!

Come let us hold a gratitude PARTY. We will lead participants through a guided reflection focusing on reasons to FEEL GOOD about your body, festival experience and life in general. Colourful ribbons for gratitude can be put onto a tree that builds throughout the event. Expect classic pop tunes to ramp up the good vibes.

Extra points for teams can be built into this activity for self love awesomeness