Why Anti Diet?

by anna

We believe that DIETS DO NOT WORK. In fact, we believe they are potentially harmful as well as being a waste of precious time, money and emotional energy.


  1. We believe they don’t work because there is little evidence that diets result in long-term weight loss, as the vast majority of people who go on restrictive diets regain the weight (or more) within 3 to 5 years due to the hormonal, metabolic and neurological changes that are a product of dieting.
  2. We believe diets promote an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, often encouraging obsessive behaviours around food and damaging our ability to listen to our bodies needs and hunger/fullness signals, which can in turn leading to bingeing behaviours, eating disorders, future weight gain, and a life not properly lived!
  3. We believe that our society’s obsession with losing weight is utterly misguided! Someone’s weight is not a predicator of their health, which is guided by genetics, the environment and lifestyle more than it is by a number on a scale. By focusing on getting down that number, we take away the focus from making healthful choices about our physical, social and mental health – we’ve ended up becoming obsessed with something kind of irrelevant.
  4. Most importantly Anti Diet Riot Club is about rebelling against this shallow preoccupation with health, beauty and the innate privilege of the ‘wellness’ movement…in favour of focusing on our own inner qualities/happiness/relationships and addressing the rampant social inequality, injustices, and discrimination against fat and marginalised bodies that we see around us. We spend so much time worrying about rolls of fat, lack of muscles, thigh gaps, our skin, our hair, our noses…when these have nothing to do with our worth as a human being.