Anti Diet Riot Club Manifesto

These are our missions, our purpose and our intentions for achieving them.


We are on a mission to improve the body image epidemic in the UK, empowering people to resist diet culture and pursue well-being in a weight-neutral way. We strive to spread awareness of the harms of dieting and society’s obsession with thinness, while amplifying the stories and perspectives of those in marginalised bodies. We pledge that the equal treatment of fat people and dismantling of fatphobia is embedded in all the workshops we facilitate, community events we host, and content we create. Our governing structure, the people we work with/provide services to and the campaigns we work on are guided by these 3 principles:


We are intentionally fat positive and believe that the oppression of fat bodies is inherent to diet culture, so we are intent on dismantling both. One cannot be addressed without the other.

Our fat positivity includes:

  • Amplifying the voices of fat people online and in our events 
  • Working with and employing people with the lived experience of being in a larger body where possible / when relevant
  • Recognising thin privilege where it exists and where we benefit from it




We are building a community based on the rebellious spirit that has underpinned fat activism for decades.

  • Our community tries to foster IRL connection as much as possible. We believe that we need meet ups and real life spaces that can counteract the diet-focused spaces and narratives that exist globally
  • We also nurture online connections so that people who can’t access our events for whatever reason can benefit from this community, and to create safe spaces that counter the huge amount of diet culture noise digitally.

We do not have a target audience or community base; apart from, on occasion, a few exclusions due to creating safe spaces. All people – no matter what gender, race, age or size – are invited to access our events and content as long as they acknowledge and abide by the 10 Rules of Anti Diet Riot Club. 

  • Inclusion also means that in order to ensure marginalised people DO have access to our community, we often run a multiple tier pricing structure
  • We recognise that women and femmes (especially POC) have been, and continue to be, disproportionately marginalised by the dominant structures within modern society and therefore our content is often skewed towards this perspective.


Who is it for?

The club is for anyone wanting to break free from the ‘perfect body project’. It is for  all ages, genders, sexualities, races and body types. It’s for human beings who want to be free of the constant pressure to lose weight, build muscle, drop dress sizes, count calories, weigh food and spend hours at the gym daily. It’s for those who want to learn to move their body enjoyably and eat intuitively rather than restrictively. For anyone  who wants to stop waiting until they’ve reached a certain goal, size or weight in order to be happy with themselves.