Meet the team

Becky Young


Becky first started dieting at the age of 14, and continued to yo-yo diet and struggle with her body image and disordered eating well into her 20s. Since discovering the modern body acceptance & Health at Every Size (HAES) movement online in 2016, she’s been re-learning how to take care of her body irrespective of weight or size, prioritising her mental wellbeing above the desire for thinness.

In December 2017, she started  Anti Diet Riot Club  as a way of giving back to the community that changed her life (and a way of meeting people IRL who felt the same as her!)

Producing and programming events has been a passion and career for almost a decade. Alongside ADRC she is also a freelance events producer and marketer, festival frolicker, amateur hula hooper, creative and music lover.

Harri Rose


Harri went to her first Weight Watchers meeting age 13 and remembers vividly how it felt like would solve all her body woes. This began a yo-yo journey that lasted over a decade and ending up with an undiagnosed eating disorder at University. In her mid-20’s, Harri trained to be a massage therapist learning for the first time how amazing the human body is. When the scales stopped moving after she’d stripped her diet back to nothing but weird diet food combinations she realised that there had to be another way. Harri then trained to be a health coach and after extracting herself from ‘wellness’ by discovering Intuitive Eating, she finally healed her relationship with her body. 

Harri now specialises in body acceptance and self-compassion and her first book ‘You Are Enough’ was published in August 2020. She co-creates the workshops and talks that Anti Diet Riot Club and is passionate about creating a community as strong as any diet club!

She’s also to be found frolicing in a field during summertime and is a self-proclaimed coffee addict. 

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As a team we believe that “body positivity” actually is a lot more meaninful than an inspiring quote or the white-washed version we see on Instagram. When combined with community and focused on anti-supremacy then it is a powerful movement – and much more fun than doing it alone!