Our Workshops & Talks

We LOVE delivering talks and workshops of all sizes; from groups of 10 to audiences over 100! This is how we try to promote body confidence, self-acceptance, and mindset shifts around body standards outside of our existing community.

We create a safe environment for people to challenge negative thoughts about their bodies and discover new ways to engage with them through listening, creating and playing. We want all attendees to leave feeling inspired to be their awesome authentic selves without shame.

Below are just a few of the engaging and adaptable sessions we can bring to your event, festival or workplace.

‘Get It Off Yer Chest’ Boob Printing

Too shy for the fully glitter boob about town? Then this cheeky workshop is for you. Feeling like your boobs are too small, too big, wonky, too saggy, non-existent, all nipple, no nipple? ‘NO WAY!’, we say. Come and learn how to embrace your lovely lady lumps just as they are by PRINTING THEM!

This activity is a cheeky celebration of body diversity and a fun festival inspired workshop to increase body-acceptance.


Body Positive Life Drawing

We believe they don’t work because there is little evidence that diets result in long-term weight loss, as the vast majority of people who go on restrictive diets regain the weight (or more) within 3 to 5 years due to the hormonal, metabolic and neurological changes that are a product of dieting.

FuckSize Modelling™

Most importantly Anti Diet Riot Club is about rebelling against this shallow preoccupation with health, beauty and the innate privilege of the ‘wellness’ movement…in favour of focusing on our own inner qualities/happiness/relationships and addressing the rampant social inequality, injustices, and discrimination against fat and marginalised bodies that we see around us. We spend so much time worrying about rolls of fat, lack of muscles, thigh gaps, our skin, our hair, our noses…when these have nothing to do with our worth as a human being.

Gratitude Parties

We believe that our society’s obsession with losing weight is utterly misguided! Someone’s weight is not a predicator of their health, which is guided by genetics, the environment and lifestyle more than it is by a number on a scale. By focusing on getting down that number, we take away the focus from making healthful choices about our physical, social and mental health – we’ve ended up becoming obsessed with something kind of irrelevant.

Get in touch

Please get in touch with us to discuss ways in which we could appear at your event, work or institution. We’ve delivered many other sessions that aren’t listed above, and we hugely enjoy working on bespoke workshops and talks relevant for specific brands or occasions. Just ask!