Community Top Tips: Surviving the Heat in a Fat Body

Phew. The weather in the UK right now is sweltering. And we know, we know, we complain when it’s cold and then we complain when it’s hot. But when you can’t step more than a foot away from a fan before you start to break out in a sweat, we think a little moan or two is justified. Everyone is struggling with the heat, but for those of us in fat bodies, it’s a whole other ball game. But, what can we do? Well, we asked you exactly that, and thankfully, you all came through with some AMAZING advice. So, we compiled a list of 60 of your top tips – organised into handy categories – for surviving this heat wave in a fat body.

Before we begin, we have an extra tip of our own! Make sure to keep any medications cool and at the correct temperature. As far as we know, most medications should be stored at less than 25 degrees Celsius, so make sure to read the specific storage instructions on the packaging. Some medications can also make temperature regulation more difficult, or dehydrate you quicker, so try to keep your fluid levels up and look after yourself the best you can!

Now to the complete list….

Refreshing Food and Drink
  1. Ice lollies and ice creams [daily, preferably] of course!
  2. Frozen grapes
  3. Mint leaf, lemon & cucumber water
  4. Remember that alcohol and soft drinks dehydrate you (sigh…) so drink plenty of water as well
Say No to Chub Rub
  1. BABY POWDER BABY POWDER BABY POWDER (seriously, you all LOVE the baby powder technique – we’ll have to give it a go ourselves)
  2. Megababe (a brand of anti-friction products that sounds great!)
  3. Lush’s silky underwear
  4. Dry shampoo powder
  5. The Monistat anti-chafing “powder gel” (apparently, it’s not greasy, which is even better!)
  6. Powder deodorant
  7. Thigh saver shorts for under dresses
  8. Ivyverdure chafing stick
Cooling Clothing
  1. Wear the shorts!!
  2. Wear white and light colours outdoors (dark colours attract more heat)
  3. Loose, long cotton dresses and skirts to circulate air-flow in all the important places!
  4. Tank tops and shorts
  5. Flowy tops with room to breathe
  6. Bra liners for under-boob sweat! 
  7. Hats! (Big hats, small hats, flat hats, tall hats. As long as your head is covered, you’re good to go) 
  8. Avoid wearing bras and trousers where you can.
  9. Bike shorts! (You recommended Snag Tights, Knix and Big Bloomer Co.) 
  10. Wearing something that won’t hurt your feet – you don’t need to be dealing with sore feet and plasters/ band-aids on top of everything else!
  11. Free your toes! 
  12. Cut down a pair of tights to make cheap chub rub shorts, in any length that works for you. 
  13. Really lightweight cotton or linen pants – keeps thighs from sticking to chairs. 
  14. Bikini tops as bras
  15. Wear whatever makes you feel comfy
  16. Wear whatever the hell you like 
  17. Wear as little as possible 
Everyday Essentials
  1. Fans, fans and more fans (personal fans, ceiling fans, floor fans, rotating fans – seriously, just get yourself a fan!)
  2. Peppermint essential oil
  3. Ice packs and ice trays on rotation 
  4. Cooling bands and wet flannels for your face and body 
  5. Sitting on those frozen first aid gel packs (you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do!)
  6. Putting on cold wet socks (the jury’s out on that one… we’ll let you try it first and get back to us with your verdict!)
Body Care
  1. Not shaving your legs on a hot day to avoid heat rash (unless you’re staying indoors and have moisturiser handy)
  2. Soak your feet in a bowl of ice water to cool down
  3. Roll up a cool, damp thin dish towel and stick it under your boobs to cool them down and soak up sweat
  4. Peppermint body wash to keep you cooler for longer after you get out of the shower
  5. Lukewarm/ cold showers (switch between lukewarm and cold for the best results) 
  6. Deodorant under boobs!
  7. “Bust dust” by Megababe for boob sweat
  8. Little ice packs on your wrists
  9. Moisturise + SPF (!!!) and get them legs out
  10. Small spray bottles or misting sprays
  11. Hair up!
  12. The Body Shop mint foot spray is the ONE (or so we’ve been told!)
  13. Just accepting that all people sweat and to let your body be
Braving the Great Outdoors
  1. White parasols
  2. Frozen water bottles (for drinking, maybe, but you also said they’re for taking to bed, taking outside, and ESPECIALLY GOOD for sticking under boobs and body folds to keep you extra cool!)
  3. Cool flannels on the back of your neck
  4. Lakes (just…lakes. We’re guessing for swimming rather than drinking, eating or wearing!)


Home Comforts
  1. Open your loft hatch! Your insulation is to keep the heat in so if you open the hatch you can let it out (genius – a personal favourite suggestion!)
  2. Air conditioning (one can dream…)
  3. A small desk fan (yes, we know we mentioned fans already, but it’s worth repeating)
  4. Sitting on the floor


Sleeping Soundly
  1. Cooling blanket (bonus points if you lightly mist with water and lay under a fan at the same time)
  2. Frozen hot water bottles
  3. Put your bed sheets in the freezer in the run up to bed time
  4. Have as cold a shower as you can tolerate before bed, to drop your body temp before you sleep
Round of applause to the 150+ people who contributed to make these tips. Amazing advice from all of you!

Which of these tips were your favourite? Head over to instagram and let us know.


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