Young activists work hard to make a living


“She and Ms Martin also recognise that their personal presence on accounts increases the appeal. Becky Young, the founder of Anti Diet Riot Club, which promotes body positivity, says: “I definitely don’t get as many brands approaching me as I could because the feed’s not about me and not about fashions. I’m on 40,000 followers and have only worked with one or two brands.”

Ms Young prefers to use the platform as a “sort of community page”. She works in events marketing four days a week to fund ADRC and its events. “I worked out I paid myself about a pound an hour last year for all the work I put into it,” she says. Ms Young is trying to make activism financially viable by registering ADRC as a limited company and is currently crowdfunding- she has already raised £13,000, with the backing of Natwest, towards buying a bus as a mobile events space.”

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