10th August 2022

COMMUNITY EVENT: Book Club Meet Up: Decolonizing Wellness


To attend this event you’ll need to be a member of The Anti Diet Riot Community! We’re offering a free 2 week trial for all new members, you can find out more and join here

Join the Book Club group if you haven’t yet to keep up to date with each month’s title. Then join us on Zoom, with a cup of tea, for a very informal and friendly discussion about the book.

Our monthly book club is hosted by our fellow-Desserter Ash Newburn (she/her) 💚 who does a wonderful job guiding the chat. If you can, bring a section or two which you LOVED or HATED to explore together. Even if you haven’t read it all, you’re welcome to join.

Join us to chat about the book you folks chose for this month… ‘Decolonizing Wellness’ and the insidious ‘beach body’

About this book:

Diet culture is pervasive and sometimes sneaky. As we enter into the unofficial start of summer, you will no doubt start to hear words like “beach body.” You’ll hear about diets wrapped in packages described as “wellness” and “health.” Studies have shown that people in bigger bodies often don’t receive the healthcare they need because when they get in front of some healthcare professionals, their weight becomes the focus; on top of that, people of color also contend with racial bias and women face gender bias. Dalia Kinsey, author of Decolonizing Wellness: A QTBIPOC-Centered Guide to Escape the Diet Trap, Heal Your Self-Image, and Achieve Body Liberation

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