02nd August 2022

COMMUNITY EVENT: Clowning Around with Caroline Dream


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About the workshop
Becoming a professional clown, able to make any audience laugh under any circumstances, requires years of practice. But getting to experience your own inner clown and create laughter, that’s a whole lot easier! Because, if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you are often ridiculous, and even a little bit idiotic sometimes… we all are. To discover your clown you simply have to be willing to let that part of you out to play – let your body move, your emotions flow, your heart laugh. Allowing yourself to be just the way you are, will make others laugh.

This workshop will be a brief (90-120 minutes) introduction to the massive subject of this ancient and heart-warming art. With a presentation and some physical activities, we will cover its four cornerstones; play, celebration of ridiculousness, imagination and sense of humour in the face of failure.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”

The requirements for the workshop are:

  • a laptop with a camera (or failing that a tablet with a camera) internet connection
  • a free Zoom.us account
  • a private space free of furniture in which to play, ideally 2 x 2 meters
  • clothes you can move in

About Caroline Dream
Caroline has been dedicated to the art of the clown for more than 30 years. She loves laughter, and provoking it is her passion. She has performed in half the world with her clown shows. She began her career as a trainer in 1998, teaching clown courses for Cirque du Soleil artists in Las Vegas (USA). She’s since been teaching at a national and international level for more than two decades.The insights gleaned from leading these courses, and from the students who took them, were too fascinating not to document. So far she has written two clown manuals; ‘The Clown In You’ (published in June 2012 and translated into Spanish and Portuguese) has become a reference in the world of clown. ‘Clown Yourself’ was published in June 2020 and has been dubbed “helpful to anyone who wants to meet their own ridiculousness in a deeply relaxing way” by the world-renowned Swiss clown Gardi Hutter.

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