10th May 2022

Radical Life Drawing


Life drawing with a fat-positive, body appreciation twist! Come get creative & also volunteer to model if you want to.


We’ve been running monthly life drawing workshops for almost 3 years now! Why? Because the research shows that regular attendance to life drawing workshops and seeing a variety of naked bodies has a strong correlation with positive body image.

Great right?!

Our monthly virtual classes are lush, but meeting in person and having a live model sat in front of you is too special to miss out on. We’re so grateful and excited to be hosting these in-person, once again.


Each workshop we invite special guests to model and join in while we share thoughts & feelings. This is a space to explore our creativity and our feelings.

We also have a small section of the workshop where you can volunteer to model and be drawn by the other attendees. You can be clothed, in underwear or nude if you feel comfortable. There’s no. pressure to take part in this but we find life modelling an incredibly empowering experience we want to share with you!

It’s radical to be around diverse naked bodies, in a non-sexual environment, creating art that doesn’t need to be perfect or consumed by anyone. We hope you’ll love it.

Times: 6.45pm – 8.30pm approx (arrive from 6.45 so we can start promptly at 7pm – the venue is open all day and has great food so come earlier for a bite to eat!)

What to bring: An open mind! All paper and drawing materials are provided by us but you are welcome to bring your own if you have them.

Venue: Peckham Levels, Floor 5 in the auditorium

Price: £10-15


We don’t want limited funds preventing anyone, especially people from marginalised groups, from attending.

Therefore there are two tiers of tickets and we encourage those with the ability to pay the higher ticket price to do, meaning the lower price tickets can be bought by those who are QTPOC or disabled.

Please get in touch with info@antidietriotclub.co.uk for v limited further discounted tickets if you need them, for carers or those who live locally to SE15 on no income.


Peckham Levels IS wheelchair accessible with accessible toilets on Level 5 and 6. The 5th and 6th level can be accessed via the ramps inside the building or the lifts available on Level -1 by the car park entrance just round the corner from the main entrance. If you’re a wheelchair user please email us at info@antidietriotclub.co.uk to let us know you want to join so we can arrange for you to be met at the entrance.

We can offer free tickets for carers, just get in touch.

We aren’t providing a BSL interpreter but if you are hard of hearing please let us know so we can provide a basic transcript.

There are no flashing lights or loud music during our event, however the auditorium room we’re hosting it is one part of a large level with multiple bars and food vendors where there will be noise & people.

Please email us if you any other accessibility needs, so we can make the event as comfortable as possible.


We’ve been looking forward to IRL events for two years and so we are going forward with them but keeping a keen eye on what’s happening with the virus.

In the event we have to reschedule if we don’t feel it’s safe to proceed or due to government restrictions forbidding the mixing of groups in public, all tickets will be automatically transferred to the new dates and refunds offered.

Obviously, please do not come to the event if you have ANY cold or flu-like symptoms. It’s safer to assume it’s contagious and to rest at home until you’re feeling well. We also ask that you take a Lateral Flow Test in the hours leading up to the event, although we won’t be asking for proof – we hope you will to keep others safe.

Along with the above staff, customers and visitors are advised to wear a mask in communal areas.

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