16th August 2022

COMMUNITY EVENT: August’s Sharing & Solidarity Circle


To attend this event you’ll need to be a member of The Anti Diet Riot Community! We’re offering a free 2 week trial for all new members, you can find out more and join here

Come and share about anything you like.

You can vent, you can celebrate, you can talk about anything. We will listen and show solidarity and empathy. You can also just join to listen to other people share if you wish.

We call these share + solidarity circles because it’s more than just about sharing, it’s about the feeling of standing with one another and knowing that what you’re sharing will resonate with someone else in the space.

This is a judgement free zone.  This month’s circle will be facilitated by Becky Young.

How it works

1. A few of us gather on zoom, usually between 4 – 10 people so it’s very chilled

2. You’ll need to have a small object to use as your ‘talking object’ (can be anything small laying around your house)

3. We start the session with a gentle grounding meditation (totally optional – join along if you want)

4. Each person takes it in turn to share if they wish, depending on the amount of people the sharing time differs but it’s usually a couple of minutes.

5. You get the sense of support and validation from everyone else

6. We close with a poem!

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