14th July 2020

PAST// Anti Diet Riot Fest 2020

Hoxton Square
N1 6NU
United Kingdom

Anti Diet Riot Club’s biggest event yet!

A mini-festival rebelling against diet culture in January aka ‘International Month of Dieting’.

Over 12 hours.

20+ speakers.

Talks, art, workshops, movement.

Inspiring, challenging and creative workshops and talks exploring body, sex and food liberation

Absolute no diet chat or body shaming. AT ALL.


In January it will be 2 years since Anti Diet Riot Club first launched to try and combat society’s obsession with thinness, narrow beauty ideals and fat phobia. What a journey it’s been since then!

In the same month, millions of people who feel their bodies aren’t good enough will embark on ANOTHER new diet/exercise regime fueed by the ‘New Year, New You’ bullsh*t that we’ve been fed for years.

So we thought what better time to throw our BIGGEST EVENT YET! A mini-festival that throws a MASSIVE middle finger up at the false dream that if we could only modify ourselves to fit the perfect ideal (read: thin, white, able bodied etc) then we’d be happy. Well, we’re not falling it for anymore…

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