06th May 2020

PAST // No Diet Day Summit 2020


Join us on International No Diet Day!

We’re celebrating International No Diet Day on May 6th with an evening of virtual sessions designed to inspire you to EMBRACE your bodies just as they are, EAT and MOVE in ways that work / feel good for you and to BREAK UP with diets…officially.

For obvious reasons the event will be hosted on Zoom but like all our virtual events so far during this pandemic, it will be a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and to connect with each other, as well as learn from a bunch of incredible speakers and facilitators. We’ve really loved bringing our Anti Diet Riot Club events online, thank you for all the support so far!

If your circumstances mean that any of the tickets are financially prohibitive, then drop us an email at info@antidietriotclub.co.uk – see the info at the bottom of this page.


All times are in UK Time (GMT+1) so please consider the time change if you’re based elsewhere

5.45 – 6.30pm

Intuitive Eating Talk & Q&A with Laura Thomas (London Centre for Intuitive Eating)

We’ve loved having Laura Thomas and her team bring their expert knowledge of Intuitive Eating practices to our event and so we’re very excited to have them back! This a unique opportunity for you folks to get your questions answered and learn a host of tips for eating intuitively during lockdown.

6.45 – 7.30pm

Fat Kid Dance Party with Bevin!

Bevin created Fat Kid Dance Party Aerobics to help folks learn to love their bodies, embrace their awkwardness and open up to self care! Folks of all sizes are welcome to join us for Fat Kid Dance Party! Fun, accessibility and self love is what this session is all about.

7.45 – 8.45pm

Panel: Grieving the thin ideal & breaking up with diet culture

With panellists including Virgie Tovar, Christy Harrison and Anti Diet Riot Club’s very own Becky Young and Harri Rose this is going to explore one of THE MOST important steps to accepting your body as it is and rejecting the cycle of dieting: letting go of ‘the fantasy body’. This panel will remind us all the ways in which dieting can have long term physical and mental consequences with tips for putting your anti-diet/body positive beliefs into everyday life; from panellists who are renowned experts on the matter!

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